Plannning & Management

We will support the creation of an environment that can provide better medical care as a medical specialist, centering on medical consulting services and planning development and management of medical facilities.

Medical consulting


Regenerative / Genome / Online / Medical data / Regeneration / Investment

01.Regenerative medical consulting

Our company’s domain area is somatic stem cells and these cells have functions of cell differentiation. Notably, it is generally considered that somatic stem cells which are isolated from a client’s body and cultivated in vitro are less likely to be rejected after returning to the client’s body.


02.Genome Medical Consultation

Nonetheless, regarding the analysis of the abnormal growth of cancer cells, we are promoting partnerships with medical institutions and laboratory centers not only in Japan, but also overseas. We are committed to moving beyond the normal practices of today, and furthering the advancement of the utilization of precision medicine in medical institutions.


03.Telemedicine Consultation

Those patients are required to receive regular face-to-face medical treatment and prescription. They usually spend longer hours waiting in an office until they receive a medical treatment. These long hours of waiting lead to patients’ giving up their treatment and more severe diabetic conditions.


04.The Medical Data Utilizing Consultation

we will strive for contribution to medical development and efficiency by combining common data from each independent medical institution.


05.Medical regeneration

Department with Negative Earnings、Institutions with Successor Problem、Risk Management.We provide support for problem solving.



We proactively invest in our domain organizations including medical institutions, general companies, venture companies, and others dealing in the following areas:

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Genome Medicine
  • Telemedicine Examination
  • Medicine/Healthcare Data
  • Elimination And Efficiency of Medical Information Asymmetry

OrganizationPlannning & Management

Planning / Produce / Management including sublease contracts, attracting tenants, obtaining medical licensing and others.

MTM Medical building

We plan and develop a medical building after receiving an order from a property owner.

we transform a general building into a medical specific building with facilities including laboratories and a new medical department, which conventional medical institutions cannot obtain, and we lease it to a major medical institution.