Medical regeneration consulting

1.Department with Negative Earnings

When a hospital has several departments, it tends to have departments with negative earnings, even though the hospital itself has a
positive figure.
We seek the cause of the negative earnings and work out specific effective measures.
Negative earnings can be divided into following patterns.

Pattern 1.Structual cause such as limited number of target patients in the area

In this pattern, we recommend to close the department on some occasions. However, it will create new issues including the care for the
physicians and nurses, and disposition of undepreciated facilities. In addition, the institution needs to make a plan for expansion or
establishment of the potential positive earning department.

Unbalanced management such as excessive facility investment without prospects of capital recovery.

When the institution can expect a certain number of patients, its earnings can be changed to positive figures by conducting an appropreate
management plan.
When the cause is clarified, hospital management can go from red to black by solving the problem. As such success cannot be achieved in a short term, MTM supports you step by step. We have been supporting various medical institutions to close, expand and establish departments
by introduction of physicians, arrangement of medical divices and appliciation support to the authorities, based on our unique medical
information database. Closure and establishment of department are the long-term issues to be considered.
MTM supports the long-term planning of medical institutions, including the specific department rearrangement plan and equipment renewal
in each department.

2.Institutions with Successor Problem

During the rapid economic growth period, a large number of medical institutions opened in various regions, along with the expansion of city area. Now, medical institution management has reached its turning point, due to the changes in social environment such as low birth rate. Many institutions are closing down, and its procedure is complicated. Even the succession procedure to the next generation is more complicated than the procedure of startup. Furthermore, there are separate paperwork between the medical institution and pharmaceutical companies or medical device companies.
MTM has been carefully solving these legal and management problems by untangling the specific issues of each institution. In some occasions, healthcare M&A technique needs to be used.
Closing down a town hospital can lead to a medical system collapse in the area. Healthy town consists of health maintenance of every person in the community. MTM supports medical institution management in regional areas to help maintaining the health of reginal society in Japan.

3.MTM’s Risk Management

As medical practice is conducted by human, small or large risks are unavoidable. Physicians and nurses are not 100% perfect because they are human. MTM’s risk management support takes immediate action to the accidents occurred in hospitals and clinics.
Care for the patients, and care for their family.
MTM faces each accident with hospitality in mind, and do our best to support the patients and their family, and the medical institutions.