– Private Equity (PE)
– Corporation Venture Capital (CVC)

We proactively invest in our domain organizations including medical institutions, general companies, venture companies, and others dealing in the following areas:

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Genome Medicine
  • Telemedicine Examination
  • Medicine/Healthcare Data
  • Elimination And Efficiency of Medical Information Asymmetry

In these fields, business circumstances are always changing their faces from the perspective of both external and internal environments. In addition, this trend of evolution never stops so that we cannot anticipate stable markets in these areas. Against the backdrop of these situations, going one step further, we certainly need to create a de facto standard model or a solid platform which will generate business chances. These should be shared with users, consumers, patients, the government, related business organizations, and others. Considering the current trends, we should always keep the pace with the markets and stay on top of issues.

Under these circumstances, we should work closely together rather than working solely. Combined sources through partnership will help us achieve our business vision. We are willing to invest in medical institutions, related companies, and venture business companies.

The following are our investment policies.
The investing stage: Our investments including corporate venture capital (CVC) and corporate venture investment are basically the seed or the early investing stages.

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Investment Approaches/Investment Policies

Private Equity (PE)

This transaction requires 100% acquisition of shares or at least more than 50% acquisition of shares. However, we are always in a position to accept other financial considerations.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

Our policy, in terms of whether we will invest or not, will be determined based on the next investment acceptance plan or capital polity, and a planned exit of repayment. Since our principal investment periods for CVC are from a seed stage to an early stage, we also support our clients’ formulating their capital planning.

The same policy is applied for PE and CVC

We accept mezzanine financing as well as the transfers of shares and a third party allotment increase.

The principle

In principle, we do not make investments for the financial gain purposes such as income fund investment, capital gain investment, and others. We only make investments which promote our businesses and stimulate synergy.


Those with investment information and interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us.
* Those with investment information are subject to be connected with their sell-sides.