Telemedicine Consultation

A good example of setting up an online clinic is as follows:
According to the data regarding 2016’s National Health and Nutrition Survey by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), the current number of diabetic patients were about 10 million in addition to about 10 million people who may suffer from diabetes in the future. Those patients are required to receive regular face-to-face medical treatment and prescription. They usually spend longer hours waiting in an office until they receive a medical treatment. These long hours of waiting lead to patients’ giving up their treatment and more severe diabetic conditions. As a result, this has caused the major increase in medical costs. This not only applies to diabetic patients, but to other patients also. In order to address this, telemedicine/an online clinic is suggested as one of medical solutions by the national policies.
Online medical treatment is limited to the following diseases:

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To conduct online treatments, personal computers and smart phones as well as smart tablets are generally used. Advanced medical appointment reduces waiting time. If prescription is provided directly by a medical institution, it also enables a given medical institution to send a medicine by post. Therefore, patients do not have to go to a drugstore to purchase their medicine.
Our consultation ranges from the introduction of online treatment to its management.

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As far as online treatment goes, it is essential to collect a patient’s vital data. In particular, since people with chronic disease patients’ symptoms are gradually getting worse, it is necessary to collect data such as blood glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate and others to have better treatment.
We also offer consultation for helping to build a medical system by utilizing patients’ data collected from their wearable device in addition to artificial intelligence (AI), which enable us to discover potential for new diseases. For further information, please refer to the Medical Data Utilizing Consultation.