Message from CEO

We have seen rapid progress in the current medical technology. This enabled us to identify the causes of incurable diseases. On the contrary, although hospitals as the forefront of medicine have been dealing with identifying the causes of incurable diseases with full force, the number of hospitals, which face management difficulty, has been on the rise. Balancing medicine and medical management has become more and more difficult. We have a variety of issues to be solved in terms of the current medical institutional management in Japan.

We will make our utmost efforts to improve the above mentioned situation. Also we are committed to supporting the creation of state-of-the-art medical environment from which patients can receive reliable medical treatment.
We will support the introduction and promotion of the latest medicine including regenerative medicine, genome medicine, online medicine and others with which we deal. In addition, we will make efforts to create medical environment which all patients will be able to access at ease.
On the other hand, we will support the management efficiency through the separation of management and medical service at a medical institution as well as enhancing profit structure.
Furthermore, we will organize efficiently a vast amount of unprocessed medical data at medical institutions and utilize them. At the moment, we take care of more than 20 medical data from our clients. We are in the process of “profile medicine” which can predict constitutional change and health condition by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). In this field, we will also use cutting-edge technologies.
In order to advance these projects, on the basis of our investors’ finances, we will provide support for a medical institution wishing to one-stop-medical solution from development to opening “a MTM medical building project” utilizing the cutting-edge medical technologies. This business model will enable us to deliver our clients excellent medical environment.

We will corporate with clients, medical institutions and investors closely and create and manage a business model which these three entities can benefit from. In the coming years, we will further expand this medical building model and facilitate socially good environment.

Toshitaka SHIIBA